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Building Inspiring Spaces

River City Electric takes pride in being part of Alberta’s many prestigious buildings since its inception in 1998.  The projects of varying size, scale, and complexity include commercial, institutional, sports & recreation, government & civic, healthcare & research, retail & hospitality.  Our history of completed projects represents our stability as a leading electrical contracting company.  Moving forward, we have the capacity and capability to take on any large or small electrical project.


What We Offer

River City Electric offers conceptual budgeting, detailed estimating, design-assist/value-engineering and design-build construction services.  As the requirements of each project will vary, our professional staff can accommodate the growing needs of even the most complex project.

Acquiring, organizing, maintaining, and retrieving information is how River City Electric works with its customers to develop, construct and configure the optimal infrastructure required to communicate & manage all building information.


Exceeding customer expectations, along with the value that we bring to our customers, has brought River City Electric much success.  Our achievements are not only a testimony to our employees but also to our project management style.  From conception to completion, you can count on the River City Electric Team.

Value Added Services

River City Electric’s pre-construction services will evaluate the design-intent for initial cost of construction.  We thrive to give our customers options so that they may choose the most effective design to meet their electrical needs.  We can provide conceptual design and budgeting analysis so our customers can evaluate the feasibility of their proposed project.

Information management is essential for successfully coordinating any project delivery.  Our pre-construction team will establish agreed upon design specifications and issue a timeline for submittals, ensuring that there is a clear understanding of the project requirements.

Our management team develops effective schedules to be further utilized as a control measure.  This document is intended to contain recommendations on specific targets for construction which, when implemented, will provide an effective communication system for the owner.

Every River City Electric project is separated into manageable areas and sequentially completed by competant Lead-hand employees.  A formal QA/QC inspection criteria is defined and compiled into checklists, which will be used to sign off and approve completed areas of work.

At River City Electric, our philosopy is to “exceed expectations”.  We have experience and the necessary dedication to complete projects on-time and on-budget.

Lean Construction

At River City Electric we have embraced LEAN construction.  LEAN construction is a way of maximizing value and minimizing waste. No action is taken in lean construction unless it benefits the end goal of a project. This goal is held from design to completion, and challenges the belief that there must always be trade-offs between time, cost and quality. Lean construction and design represents a transformational way to design and build facilities. The lean approach generates significant improvements in schedule with dramatically reduced waste, particularly on complex, uncertain and short duration projects.

Improvement is a core value at River City Electric and we continually strive to better our company. We see each project and its given challenges as a chance to elevate River City Electric to a new level. From planning and design through salvaging and recycling, River City Electric will adhere to LEAN principles ensuring customer satisfaction and earning your repeat business.


Using LEAN manufacturing principles, River City Electric considers prefabrication as part of every project preplan.  Our pre-construction team skillfully evaluates every project looking for the most cost effective way to build. Together with other building methods, we believe our team can provide significant labour savings along with benefiting the project schedule.

The Prefabrication process enables River City Electric to meet customer schedules, logistics, and other challenges that are part of today’s modern construction industry.


River City Electric takes pride in serving our customers.  Our fleet of fully stocked service vehicles are available around the clock; whether it’s troubleshooting an existing electrical system or providing additional electrical services, no job is too big or too small.

We are specialists in today’s modern world of electrical and can provide the following:

  • Additional Power
  • Diagnostic Investigations and Analysis
  • Equipment Hookup
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Lighting, Lighting Controls and Repair / Re-Lamping
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Power Metering / Recording
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting Test and Repair Services
  • Warranty Work

Technology and Innovation

When new products or methods become available, we analyze them for both quality and effectiveness.  This is one way we add to the value-engineering process to reduce costs for the owner.

We categorize these technologies into three components:

1. Information Systems

  • Co-ordination is essential to any successful project. We use project control systems that acquire, organize, maintain and retrieve information.  River City Electric further works with our customers to develop, construct and configure the optimal infrastructure required to communicate and manage all building information.
  • We provide clash detection with all trades using Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other 3D computer assisted design systems. Usage of modelling systems promotes our prefabrication process saving time and money for the client/owner.
  • Internal administrative processes are always reviewed during projects to ensure that information is being transmitted clearly and promptly.

2. Materials and Products

  • There are always new products being offered; these we evaluate for cost effectiveness, quality and longevity. Products that we feel are of benefit to the project will be brought forward to the client and consultant for review.

3. Work-Site Procedures

  • New awareness of previously misunderstood hazards, such as arc-flash, are key to the continued safety of our employees and others involved in the building process. We are always seeking better procedures, training and equipment to achieve this goal.
  • Safety is an investment, not an expense. The work-site is a dangerous place for the untrained or ill-equipped worker.  Our safety manual sets out our minimum requirements for worker and employer conduct.